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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

This morning,2 unarmored,unescorted vehicles were ambushed in Fallujah,in the heart of the "Sunni Triangle" - a location where Ba'ath Party loyalists and al-Qaeda terrorists have joined forces to conduct almost constant attacks on US troops,civilian contractors,and civilians attached to the military government.

At least 3 - possibly as many as 8 people-all wearing civilian clothes,were killed in the ambush. A crowd of 150 men:cheering, and chanting Islamic slogans,set the vehicles on fire,mutilated burned bodies,dragged at least 2 bodies through the streets behind a car,and hung 2 of the victims' bodies from a bridge.

One thing that makes this especially notable is that most of this after-ambush activity was photographed by an AP camera team. ( I'll come back to that point later.)

My suspicion-at this time- is that the victims were part of a WMD search team. Witnesses at the scene have indicated 2 of the victims were wearing flak jackets,and may have been armed with rifles. One victim is said to have been carrying a DOD identification card.

Fallujah was the site of one of Saddam Hussein's WMD facilities: FALLUJAH II . A 2002 CIA report indicates precursor chemicals for nerve gas,choking agents,etc. were manufactured here, and there was a plant for the extraction of Ricin from castor oils. It was also believed materials for biowarfare were produced here.

The US has sent WMD teams into this and other areas,but they have come under such intense attack,most of the search activity has been scaled back. Recent news reports indicate the teams have resumed their search; and, since this is a prime area to search for clues,I suspect the victims were doing just that.

There are some very troubling aspects to this morning's attack.

1. While "impromptu" ambushes are not uncommon, the successful ambush of moving vehicles generally requires advance knowledge of anticipated route.

2. The presence of an eager mob at the ambush site also suggests advance knowledge. To get that many people assembled first thing in the morning takes a bit of advance planning.

3. This brings me to the camera crew. The fact they were there at the scene , suggests they had foreknowledge. The fact they were able to film away without being molested suggests they had prior approval from the organizers of the ambush. ( A lot of the media TV crews are local people,working under contract. )

This morning's atrocities seem to have fulfilled many aims:

1. Increasing the "body bag count", so as to dismay American voters,and to persuade them to elect a candidate (such as John Kerry) more to the terrorists' liking.

2. Terrorizing the local population;

3. Creating dismay among civilian employees;

4. Keeping WMD inspectors away from sensitive areas;

5. Getting and maintaining media coverage. 
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