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Sunday, April 18, 2004

I've always been a little bit skeptical of claims of media bias,but now I find myself wondering . Here's an example :

Yesterday,in Kosovo,Jordanian members of the UN police ambushed 11 American polce officers,and 1 Austrian. 2 of the American officers-one a woman-were murdered .(She was apparently shot in the head at relatively close range.)The others were all wounded-most rather seriously ( gunshots to chest/abdomen-what they call the "kill zone").One of the Jordanian ambushers was killed in the return fire.

One would think this story would be a "headliner" - but so far,it has produced collective yawns. The news outlets have not even bothered to obtain the names of the victims-let alone make serious follow-up inquiries into the circumstances.
(Just to convey an idea of relative importance, my (Gannett) Sunday paper buried the story on page A-13.

The impression I get,sifting through the limited stories,is that the UN wants the lid kept on the story,and that the news services are bending over backwards to do just that.

Guess this is what passes for honest,unbiased reporting these days ! 
Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Janet Reno appeared before the commission today: started by telling self-serving lies;wound up being forced to admit she never bothered to brief John Ashcroft on al-Qaeda,or any attack threats,or much of anything - but the "Chinese wall" she herself-
and commission member Janie Garelik -erected in the FBI.

The commission members pretty much let her get away with everything , but were just apalled when that bounder Ashcroft set the record straight.

Meanwhile,they keep issuing press releases to AP, Reuters,AFP, and anyone else who will listen about what a great job they are doing in exposing the shortcomings of the Bush administration... 
Monday, April 12, 2004

Well,let's see: Massive eruptions in Iraq-this time from both sides (Sunni and Shi'ite) of the Muslim equation. There were a deplorable number of US casualties ( Any number is too high !) and a huge number of terrorist *casualties ( over 400-still counting.)

* Despite the protests of some, I consider any group that attacks indiscriminantly to be terrorists; and, indeed,evidence has been surfacing to suggest this armed uprising is being assisted and financed by groups such as: Hamas,Iran's Revolutionary Guards,Hezbollah,Ansar al- Islam,and al-Qaeda; with leftover Ba'ath Party triggermen,and radicalized teenagers providing the muscle....and the corpses.

On the home front, the "non-political" 9/11 Commission has been doing its part to make sure the Bush administration is voted out of office.

One of these "non-partisan" has been presenting an August 6,2001 CIA briefing paper as "evidence" the Bush administration "should have known" 9/11 was coming.
The White House finally de-classified the memo (something they should have done 3 years ago) and released it to the public-where it showed,beyond all shadow of a doubt,there was nothing the administration could have acted on.

Nonetheless,the Democrats and their media allies have done such a thorough job in convincing the American public otherwise,that 60% now believe Bush fumbled the ball ! ( Nice work ! George Orwell would have been proud of you ! )

I think some of the problem is this:

1. President Bush won office on electoral,rather than popular votes. This means a majority voted against him.

2.People hate the idea they may have been wrong in voting against Bush,and they are eager to seize on any excuse to vote him out of office.
(I don't believe ANY President who won on electoral votes alone was ever re-elected.)

3. The Democrats are (understandably) eager to provide excuses,and they feel secure in making them up out of whole cloth as they go along. They know nobody "of importance" will challenge them.

It's a pity,but this time we may wind up with the sort of government we deserve ! 
Saturday, April 10, 2004
  The August 2001 Warnings

Now that the full text of the August 2001 warning message to the President has been released, it is obvious there was little the administration could have done-under existing law,rules,and regulations-to have stopped the 9/11 attacks.

The warnings are vague in the extreme,and are on a single sheet of paper.

They mention al-Qaeda presence in the US since at least 1997-but-other than making a note of it,mention no action being taken to roll up the bastards. (They probably couldn't, the way laws and policies were structured at the time.)

Hijacking concerns are mentioned-and it is a fact repeated warnings were sent to the airlines-by the FBI and the FAA. It is also a fact these warnings were largely ignored. 
Wednesday, April 07, 2004

This morning in Fallujah,Iraq,a group of armed terrorists takes cover in a mosque,and uses it as a fire base for hours: killing 5 Marines.

The Marines finally counterattack by calling in a successful helicopter strike against the mosque,and killing 40 terrorists.

Reporters at the scene claim the mosque "was attacked as worshippers gathered for noon prayers,and there were 40 victims". (No mention is made at all of what led up to the helicopter strike.)

Which version do YOU think will be on the evening news ? 

According to media sources (CNN,BBC,ABC) British and US intelligence have foiled a plot to detonate one or more chemical bombs in Britain, by a group "friendly to al-Qaeda".

Unconfirmed reports suggest communications were intercepted,which made mention of a highly toxic chemical :Osmium tetroxide : a material used in certain industrial and lab applications. It is commonly sold in glass vials.

The chemical attacks soft tissues;can cause blindness,choking,and slow painful death by suffocation as the lungs fill with fluid. Presumably it would be packed-in its vials-around a conventional explosive core. CW experts say it would be most effective against relatively small groups in confined areas....which may be one of the reasons the Brits recently installed a glass partition wall around the chambers of the House of Commons.

British media speculation is that this plot was connected to the arrests of 9 terror suspects last week, and the seizure of "half a tonne" of Ammonium nitrate.

But..but...shouldn't we be treating these people with compassion and restraint ??  
Monday, April 05, 2004

The Mad Mullahs of Iran have just issued a "warning" that they want their cat's paw in Iraq-the murderous Sadr-left alone. (Gee, what a surprise ! )

I can see what a Kerry presidency would bring:

1. An abrupt pullout of American forces from Iraq;

2. A "cry for help" from the radical Shi'ites in Iraq;

3. A "rescue" by the Iranian military.

4. The division of Iraq into Shi'ite and Sunni enclaves.

5. Bloody civil war - which the UN will ignore,because it is "an internal matter".

6. The formation of a vastly enlarged Shi'ite territory -allied with Syria.

7. The formation of a Sunni Muslim alliance.

8. Seizure of oilfields,pipelines, and production facilities by the Shi'ites;with accompanying sabotage of these facilities by the Sunnis.

9. Urgent requests from the UN that we send our young people in to die so that certain corrupt members can protect their revenue sources.

10. World war III. 
Sunday, April 04, 2004

It's not always a happy thing when events start to prove your original assessment was dead on !

Today was an exceptionally bloody day in Iraq: 7 US troops,and 1 San Salvadorian soldier were killed in Shi'ite riots in Baghdad. 2 of my fellow Marines (You never stop being a Marine ! )were killed in western Iraq. A lot of Iraqi civilians were killed as well.

The name of the "game" is BODY BAGS : Pile up as many as possible for ONE PRIMARY REASON : the defeat of President Bush in November, and the election of a candidate who will pull American troops out ASAP.

It is a game much of our media loves : News stories that will capture jaded viewers - (thereby gaining "market share" for the network)-and that will bring about the election of a President,who will be beholden to them,and who will stop using the FCC to interfere with their empire building.

What the media wants is an audience that will be on the same page with them politically;that can be manipulated through the "divide-and-conquer" stratagems of victimology;that will watch their incessant commercials for overpriced crap more intently and less intelligently;that will become supporters of the media hive.

Hey ! They offer us all that Trash TV, right ??


French police raided a farm in the Bordeaux area today,and discovered a large arms cache-including rockets and missile launchers-and components usuable for bomb-making.

2 suspected ETA terrorists were arrested.

It would not surprise me if one of these seizures produced evidence linking ETA and the Socialist Party in Spain-other than what is already a largely-ignored matter of record.

(Anyone with the time and patience to wait for translations,can access this information on Yahoo or Google by searching "ETA" .) 
Saturday, April 03, 2004

(French Raid on ETA in Pyrenees More Successful)
At least 4 people - 3 of them terrorists,the 4th a policeman-were killed when police raided an apartment building in Leganos,about 10 miles SW of Madrid. 11 policemen were injured in the blast.

Fortunately,police had evacuated other residents,as the blast destroyed much of the building.

Spanish officials also disclosed that the bomb found under the high speed tracks yesterday should have exploded,but had been wired improperly. It was of the same type explosive : Goma 2 Eco , as that used in the March 11th blasts. ( By the way,those blasts killed 191 and injured at least 1800.)

Spain has issued international arrest warrants for 5 Moroccans, and 1 Tunisian in connection with those blasts. It has already detained 6 on charges of mass murder,and 9 on charges of belonging to/collaborating with a terrorist organization -
the Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group- which has ties to al-Qaeda ,(and to ETA,the Basque bad boys so loved by our Progressive countrymen ! )

Speaking of Terrorists, French police have arrested 3 ETA leaders in the French Pyrenees,with assistance of Spanish intelligence officers. A raid on one of their apartments produced 2 limpet mines and 2 backpack bombs (just like those used by the Islamists in Spain on March 11th): all locked, loaded,and ready for use.
Stolen cars, false documents,and ETA paperwork were also seized.

The body count in Spain is still uncertain, by the way. The blast produced a lot of spare parts.

  PREDICTABLE POSTURING : Hillary & Friends Call for $ 6 Billion Transport Security "Upgrade"

On March 11, rail bombs were set off in Spain: killing 191 people,injuring hundreds more,toppling the middle-of-the-road el Partido Popular( Popular Party),and bringing about anxious declarations Spanish troops will be removed from Iraq.

Two days ago,letter bombs were sent to 3 Spanish media figures,who favored the Popular Party,and yesterday,a dynamite bomb was found on the high speed rail line trackbed.

Predictably,NY Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton called her friends in the media,and got some "face time" - calling for a $ 6 billion "transportation safety upgrade" - most of the money,in case you were wondering,to be spent in New York.

I'm sure,by the end of the day, NY's Chuck Schumer will demand-and receive-his share of face time calling for the same thing-or even more. Then our NJ Senators: Jon Corzine and Frank Lautenberg will add their baying to the pack,followed by Joe Biden of Delaware,and Senator Ted (Swimcoach) Kennedy of Massachusetts. (So far, no surprises .)

$ 6 billion is a lot of money. It will generate millions in bribes (Oops ! Meant to say "Campaign Contributions" !),millions in banking fees and commissions,brokerage fees,kickbacks to and from contractors,etc.,etc.,etc. In other words, a Politician's version of A Good Thing.

Unfortunately, it probably wouldn't do squat for transportation security.

In Europe,where security is an obsession, and people are regularly subjected to a degree of scrutiny most Americans would find intolerable,attacks on public transport occur with monotonous regularity : from Islamists, from Marxists (remember them ?),from Separatists of all strips and scents-and about all the police and security forces can do is react to the "outrage du jour" .

If you think Hillary and Company don't already know this.....think again !! 
Friday, April 02, 2004

This morning,a track worker discovered a suspicious bag in the track bed of a high-speed train line,and called police. The bag contained about 26 lbs. of dynamite,and was connected by a 450' cable to a detonation actuator.

The Ave train, which travels this stretch of railbed,goes 168 mph,and an explosion would have had catastrophic results.

Last month,after a passenger train was bombed outside Madrid,the Spanish people voted the Socialists into power,because the Socialists said they would withdraw the (largely ceremonial) Spanish troops from Iraq.

Hand-feeding sharks,while you're still in the water is not always smart. 
Thursday, April 01, 2004

The "Sunni Triangle" - west of Baghdad-is home to some 500,000 Sunni Muslims: people who were in the driver's seat when Saddam Hussein was in power. It's understandable they may resent being kicked off their petty thrones and being forced to work for a living like everybody else. That's one reason this area has been the scene of almost daily attacks on US forces, civilian contractors, well-meaning Iraqis who want to build a new nation,missionaries,etc.,etc.

A second reason for this region to be so "troublesome" may very well be what is hidden here.

The Sunni Triangle was where Saddam kept his WMD facilities, and may very well be where some of the products of those facilities are stored - buried, in all probability.
That's the first clue.

The second clue is the constant presence of armed killers in the area. Are they not broadcasting the presence of a hive ,by trying to sting anyone who comes near ?

The time has come to snuff out this nest of killer bees-and take a long hard look at what they are hiding.

Police in Turkey,Italy,Germany,Belgium,and the Netherlands have arrested 41 alleged members of The Marxist Revolutionary Army/Front (DHKP-C) in a series of coordinated raids.

DHKP-C has been declared a terrorist organization by the US Government, and by the EU.

Its stated goal is to topple the Turkish government (and, one presumes,the rest of the EU governments) and replace it with a Marxist disctatorship.

To this end,it has, by its own admission,carried out a number of bombings in Turkey-including 2 suicide bombings, in 2001, that left 3 Istanbul policemen and an Australian woman dead.

It has also claimed responsibility for attacks in other parts of Europe-especially Germany-against US military personnel, and US diplomatic missions.

(It seems reasonable to predict today's arrests will be treated as massive assaults on liberty by some of our Media superstars. ) 
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