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Monday, April 12, 2004

Well,let's see: Massive eruptions in Iraq-this time from both sides (Sunni and Shi'ite) of the Muslim equation. There were a deplorable number of US casualties ( Any number is too high !) and a huge number of terrorist *casualties ( over 400-still counting.)

* Despite the protests of some, I consider any group that attacks indiscriminantly to be terrorists; and, indeed,evidence has been surfacing to suggest this armed uprising is being assisted and financed by groups such as: Hamas,Iran's Revolutionary Guards,Hezbollah,Ansar al- Islam,and al-Qaeda; with leftover Ba'ath Party triggermen,and radicalized teenagers providing the muscle....and the corpses.

On the home front, the "non-political" 9/11 Commission has been doing its part to make sure the Bush administration is voted out of office.

One of these "non-partisan" has been presenting an August 6,2001 CIA briefing paper as "evidence" the Bush administration "should have known" 9/11 was coming.
The White House finally de-classified the memo (something they should have done 3 years ago) and released it to the public-where it showed,beyond all shadow of a doubt,there was nothing the administration could have acted on.

Nonetheless,the Democrats and their media allies have done such a thorough job in convincing the American public otherwise,that 60% now believe Bush fumbled the ball ! ( Nice work ! George Orwell would have been proud of you ! )

I think some of the problem is this:

1. President Bush won office on electoral,rather than popular votes. This means a majority voted against him.

2.People hate the idea they may have been wrong in voting against Bush,and they are eager to seize on any excuse to vote him out of office.
(I don't believe ANY President who won on electoral votes alone was ever re-elected.)

3. The Democrats are (understandably) eager to provide excuses,and they feel secure in making them up out of whole cloth as they go along. They know nobody "of importance" will challenge them.

It's a pity,but this time we may wind up with the sort of government we deserve ! 
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