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Sunday, April 18, 2004

I've always been a little bit skeptical of claims of media bias,but now I find myself wondering . Here's an example :

Yesterday,in Kosovo,Jordanian members of the UN police ambushed 11 American polce officers,and 1 Austrian. 2 of the American officers-one a woman-were murdered .(She was apparently shot in the head at relatively close range.)The others were all wounded-most rather seriously ( gunshots to chest/abdomen-what they call the "kill zone").One of the Jordanian ambushers was killed in the return fire.

One would think this story would be a "headliner" - but so far,it has produced collective yawns. The news outlets have not even bothered to obtain the names of the victims-let alone make serious follow-up inquiries into the circumstances.
(Just to convey an idea of relative importance, my (Gannett) Sunday paper buried the story on page A-13.

The impression I get,sifting through the limited stories,is that the UN wants the lid kept on the story,and that the news services are bending over backwards to do just that.

Guess this is what passes for honest,unbiased reporting these days ! 
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