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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

According to media sources (CNN,BBC,ABC) British and US intelligence have foiled a plot to detonate one or more chemical bombs in Britain, by a group "friendly to al-Qaeda".

Unconfirmed reports suggest communications were intercepted,which made mention of a highly toxic chemical :Osmium tetroxide : a material used in certain industrial and lab applications. It is commonly sold in glass vials.

The chemical attacks soft tissues;can cause blindness,choking,and slow painful death by suffocation as the lungs fill with fluid. Presumably it would be packed-in its vials-around a conventional explosive core. CW experts say it would be most effective against relatively small groups in confined areas....which may be one of the reasons the Brits recently installed a glass partition wall around the chambers of the House of Commons.

British media speculation is that this plot was connected to the arrests of 9 terror suspects last week, and the seizure of "half a tonne" of Ammonium nitrate.

But..but...shouldn't we be treating these people with compassion and restraint ??  
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