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Sunday, April 04, 2004

It's not always a happy thing when events start to prove your original assessment was dead on !

Today was an exceptionally bloody day in Iraq: 7 US troops,and 1 San Salvadorian soldier were killed in Shi'ite riots in Baghdad. 2 of my fellow Marines (You never stop being a Marine ! )were killed in western Iraq. A lot of Iraqi civilians were killed as well.

The name of the "game" is BODY BAGS : Pile up as many as possible for ONE PRIMARY REASON : the defeat of President Bush in November, and the election of a candidate who will pull American troops out ASAP.

It is a game much of our media loves : News stories that will capture jaded viewers - (thereby gaining "market share" for the network)-and that will bring about the election of a President,who will be beholden to them,and who will stop using the FCC to interfere with their empire building.

What the media wants is an audience that will be on the same page with them politically;that can be manipulated through the "divide-and-conquer" stratagems of victimology;that will watch their incessant commercials for overpriced crap more intently and less intelligently;that will become supporters of the media hive.

Hey ! They offer us all that Trash TV, right ??

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