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Saturday, April 03, 2004
  PREDICTABLE POSTURING : Hillary & Friends Call for $ 6 Billion Transport Security "Upgrade"

On March 11, rail bombs were set off in Spain: killing 191 people,injuring hundreds more,toppling the middle-of-the-road el Partido Popular( Popular Party),and bringing about anxious declarations Spanish troops will be removed from Iraq.

Two days ago,letter bombs were sent to 3 Spanish media figures,who favored the Popular Party,and yesterday,a dynamite bomb was found on the high speed rail line trackbed.

Predictably,NY Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton called her friends in the media,and got some "face time" - calling for a $ 6 billion "transportation safety upgrade" - most of the money,in case you were wondering,to be spent in New York.

I'm sure,by the end of the day, NY's Chuck Schumer will demand-and receive-his share of face time calling for the same thing-or even more. Then our NJ Senators: Jon Corzine and Frank Lautenberg will add their baying to the pack,followed by Joe Biden of Delaware,and Senator Ted (Swimcoach) Kennedy of Massachusetts. (So far, no surprises .)

$ 6 billion is a lot of money. It will generate millions in bribes (Oops ! Meant to say "Campaign Contributions" !),millions in banking fees and commissions,brokerage fees,kickbacks to and from contractors,etc.,etc.,etc. In other words, a Politician's version of A Good Thing.

Unfortunately, it probably wouldn't do squat for transportation security.

In Europe,where security is an obsession, and people are regularly subjected to a degree of scrutiny most Americans would find intolerable,attacks on public transport occur with monotonous regularity : from Islamists, from Marxists (remember them ?),from Separatists of all strips and scents-and about all the police and security forces can do is react to the "outrage du jour" .

If you think Hillary and Company don't already know this.....think again !! 
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