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Saturday, April 03, 2004

(French Raid on ETA in Pyrenees More Successful)
At least 4 people - 3 of them terrorists,the 4th a policeman-were killed when police raided an apartment building in Leganos,about 10 miles SW of Madrid. 11 policemen were injured in the blast.

Fortunately,police had evacuated other residents,as the blast destroyed much of the building.

Spanish officials also disclosed that the bomb found under the high speed tracks yesterday should have exploded,but had been wired improperly. It was of the same type explosive : Goma 2 Eco , as that used in the March 11th blasts. ( By the way,those blasts killed 191 and injured at least 1800.)

Spain has issued international arrest warrants for 5 Moroccans, and 1 Tunisian in connection with those blasts. It has already detained 6 on charges of mass murder,and 9 on charges of belonging to/collaborating with a terrorist organization -
the Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group- which has ties to al-Qaeda ,(and to ETA,the Basque bad boys so loved by our Progressive countrymen ! )

Speaking of Terrorists, French police have arrested 3 ETA leaders in the French Pyrenees,with assistance of Spanish intelligence officers. A raid on one of their apartments produced 2 limpet mines and 2 backpack bombs (just like those used by the Islamists in Spain on March 11th): all locked, loaded,and ready for use.
Stolen cars, false documents,and ETA paperwork were also seized.

The body count in Spain is still uncertain, by the way. The blast produced a lot of spare parts.

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