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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Yesterday,President Bush appeared on television and detailed what the US was doing to alleviate the suffering of the victims of the tsunami.

He made a special point of suggesting Americans contribute to the American Red Cross,or to a short list of "approved" charities;
ie:charities which can be relied on to aid -rather than further victimize- the victims.

Jan Egeland,the forked-tongue UN disaster relief chairman,also appeared on television,to assure the world the UN was "studying" the disaster,and might actually begin to do something about it by Monday,January 3rd (assuming nothing more important arises.)

Think about that for a moment.The United States,which Egeland had suggested was "stingy",was already delivering assistance to the stricken areas-and had been doing so for at least two days.

The Unites States,moreover,had set up international agreements with willing partners,so the flow of relief could be accomplished smoothly and rationally.

The American public had responded as well: Early reports indicate Americans have contributed almost $100 million to the relief effort : way more than the smugly unctuous European Union has pledged (and $100 million more that the UN "five-per-centers" can't get their hands on !)

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