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Monday, January 31, 2005

This morning,I read of a young American girl,who suggested we dip our first fingertip in blue ink,to express our admiration for the citizens of Iraq-who-in the face of cold killers,car bombs,suicide bombers,rockets,and cynicism,turned out by the millions to vote in Iraq's first free election in over 50 years.

News reports indicate at least 41 people were killed on Iraqi Election Day,and that bombs and missiles were exploding near them as they lined up to vote.

Nonetheless,at least 60% of eligible voters turned out to cast their ballots-a percentage we often fail to achieve in the relatively peaceful United States.

This morning,I have dipped two fingertips-index and second in indelible blue ink.

Got a minute ? Put a little blue ink on your fingertips !

Sunday, January 23, 2005
Blizzard - 2005

We're having a snowstorm in the NY-NJ-CT metropolitan area,which means:

  1. You can tell which reporter is still "junior" in status by noting who gets sent out into the snowstorm to pose-wet,cold,and miserable-in front of the cameras.

  2. It's interesting to note the TV studio sends out mostly "Equal Opportunity Hires" to "bring the storm home to us." (High-seniority people are allowed to stay inside and look concerned-but-brave.)

Certain "person-in-the-street" interviews are almost mandatory:

The presumption-I guess-is that anybody simple-minded enough to watch TV is probably too stupid to look out a window and determine it is snowing.

If there is one pleasant side to TV snowstorm coverage it is this:

Remember all those SUV commercials? The ones showing the Superior Motors Blivet just blasting its own path through the snow? The TV news often shows us the same oversized piece of crap skidding,and floundering,and,finally,getting stuck in a snow bank.<p>

That almost makes watching TV worthwhile !

Sunday, January 16, 2005

On Friday,January 14,2005, the bodies of 4 family members were found in the Jersey City home they shared.All four had been bound and gagged with duct tape,and their throats had been cut.It is believed they were killed on Tuesday night.

Officials originally speculated robbery or revenge by a disgruntled former tenant might have motivated the slayings-but further investigation appears to have ruled these possibilities out.Valuable jewelry and cash were untouched,and the former tenant seems to have been accounted for.

The victims -all devout Coptic Orthodox Church members from Egypt-were: Hossam Armanious,age 47, his wife Amal Garal,age 37,and their daughters: Sylvia,age 16 and Monica,age 8.

It has been learned, from friends and associates of the family,Mr. Armanious had become involved in a "message board" run by ,and that he had recently become one of the board Moderators.

His particular board was Middle-East centered,and there were,according to friends,increasingly bitter exchanges about religion with Muslims.One poster,who claimed to be Muslim,had threatened to "track you down like a chicken and kill you."

Jersey City has a relatively heavy "Middle-Eastern" population-some of whom have been involved in Muslim extremist activities.

The "Blind Sheikh" and several of his co-conspirators in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing were all Jersey City-centered,and it is believed Islamic terror cells still exist in this city.

It may well be there was some other motive behind these murders,and the possibility of an Islamist link should be approached with caution.

(Sources: AP,NY Times, NY Post)

UPDATE: 01/18/05 - The Hudson County Prosecutor's Office has released information suggesting strongly robbery may have been the motive for these slayings.

Mr. Arminious' pockets had been turned inside out-as had the women's purses. The only cash found in the house was a single penny on the floor.

Relatives still think there might have been an Islamic connection,and it has been reported "a relative" of the deceased had been assisting federal prosecutors (as a translator) in the Lynne Stewart case.(Stewart was charged with carrying "terror instructions" from Sheikh Abdel Rachman to cell members on the outside.)

Friday, January 14, 2005
Two Important Immigration Captures

On December 4,2005,Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents captured 13 people who had just waded across the Rio Grande into Texas.Two of those arrested deserve special mention.

Fakrhul Islam ,age unstated,is a Muslim from Bangaladesh.
ICE has determined he has no ties to known terrorist organizations,and has released him-pending a deportation hearing.

What is important about Islam is his Middle Eastern origin:
There is heightened awareness of possible terrorist infiltration via the border route,and there were reports last year a much-sought after fugitive named Adnan G. Shukrijumah (Jafar the Pilot) might hire criminal smuggling gangs,such as MS-13,to bring him into the country.

The second notable capture was a reputed MS-13 member: Frankie Sanchez-Solorzano,age 21,who is wanted in his native Honduras for the murder of two police officers.

MS-13 ( Mara Salvatrucha) has already made a name for itself the Boston, Mass area.Authorities there report the gang has been responsible for a large number of rapes,armed robberies,and machete attacks.The gang has also established a small presence in Los Angeles,Washington, DC, Baltimore,and Newburgh, NY.

The presence of a gang of this nature-operating in the very "heartland" of the Eastern Elite,might stir increased interest in the security of our southern border states: Texas,Arizona,and New Mexico;and will,hopefully,result in long-overdue relief to those areas.
Friday, January 07, 2005

The television newscasters have been turning themselves inside out in praise of "UN disaster relief".

NBC even ran a telethon to benefit UNICEF - which thinks the money should be spent on reducing violence to wymyn,and on re-educating the world's children.

For an on-the-spot assessment, please visit this website .and scroll down through the UN-related stories.

I can almost guarantee you'll have second thoughts about an organization that is UN-American,UN-Neccessary,UN-Fit,and totally red-UN-dant.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005
  ABU MUSAB ZARQAWI may have been captured-according to Arabic-language media sources, and several Asiatic outlets.

The reports have not been confirmed yet.
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