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Sunday, January 23, 2005
Blizzard - 2005

We're having a snowstorm in the NY-NJ-CT metropolitan area,which means:

  1. You can tell which reporter is still "junior" in status by noting who gets sent out into the snowstorm to pose-wet,cold,and miserable-in front of the cameras.

  2. It's interesting to note the TV studio sends out mostly "Equal Opportunity Hires" to "bring the storm home to us." (High-seniority people are allowed to stay inside and look concerned-but-brave.)

Certain "person-in-the-street" interviews are almost mandatory:

The presumption-I guess-is that anybody simple-minded enough to watch TV is probably too stupid to look out a window and determine it is snowing.

If there is one pleasant side to TV snowstorm coverage it is this:

Remember all those SUV commercials? The ones showing the Superior Motors Blivet just blasting its own path through the snow? The TV news often shows us the same oversized piece of crap skidding,and floundering,and,finally,getting stuck in a snow bank.<p>

That almost makes watching TV worthwhile !

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