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Friday, January 14, 2005
Two Important Immigration Captures

On December 4,2005,Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents captured 13 people who had just waded across the Rio Grande into Texas.Two of those arrested deserve special mention.

Fakrhul Islam ,age unstated,is a Muslim from Bangaladesh.
ICE has determined he has no ties to known terrorist organizations,and has released him-pending a deportation hearing.

What is important about Islam is his Middle Eastern origin:
There is heightened awareness of possible terrorist infiltration via the border route,and there were reports last year a much-sought after fugitive named Adnan G. Shukrijumah (Jafar the Pilot) might hire criminal smuggling gangs,such as MS-13,to bring him into the country.

The second notable capture was a reputed MS-13 member: Frankie Sanchez-Solorzano,age 21,who is wanted in his native Honduras for the murder of two police officers.

MS-13 ( Mara Salvatrucha) has already made a name for itself the Boston, Mass area.Authorities there report the gang has been responsible for a large number of rapes,armed robberies,and machete attacks.The gang has also established a small presence in Los Angeles,Washington, DC, Baltimore,and Newburgh, NY.

The presence of a gang of this nature-operating in the very "heartland" of the Eastern Elite,might stir increased interest in the security of our southern border states: Texas,Arizona,and New Mexico;and will,hopefully,result in long-overdue relief to those areas.
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