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Monday, February 14, 2005

Take that,you...Barbarians !!

The Media is all agog over a recently unveiled "Great Art Project"
called The Gates.

It seems The-French-Artiste-Known-as-Christo and his faithful companion Jeanne Claude have caused 7500 "steel constructions"-draped in orange vinyl...Oops ! One must say: "draped in Saffron fabric -the color of the Dalai Lama,you know" be erected in New York City's Central Park.

The effect is quite compelling: a sort of Home Depot ad writ large.

The cost is rather compelling as well: over 20 million dollars-when one factors in the cost of NY Police Officers assigned to keep The Gates from becoming the largest graffiti display in history-
and it was all raised by private subscription.

Think about that for a moment: East Coast elitists dug deep into their trust funds to finance this ...whatever-the-hell-it-is !

Were you to approach these same people and beg them for a few bucks for food and shelter,they would not only snarl and walk away: they would call the Police Commissioner and demand that filthy beggars like you be rousted-forthwith !

This leads one to ruminate on Life's Mysteries:

This seems an appropriate place to show off with a nifty saying in colloquial French.(Thanks,Laura !) "La merde ne tombe pas trop loin du taureau."


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