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Tuesday, March 15, 2005
More Information on Pentagon Mailroom Anthrax

It appears the presence of anthrax was actually detected on Thursday,March 10,but was not announced publicly until Monday,March 14.

It also appears the initial rest results were positive.

CDC has filed a report,available here .

There are additional (and conflicting) reports of some sort of scare at the main civilian postal facility for Washington,DC.
An unidentified powder was discovered,but is not thought at this time to be a bio or chemical agent.

March 16th: There is a report in the NY Times saying the tests for anthrax-originally thought to be positive-proved negative.

According to the report, a contractor's anthrax sample (used for testing) may have somehow gotten onto a filter.

I've read it several times, and it makes zero sense. In truth,it sounds like somebody decided to test the biodetection system-and evaluate protective response procedures-but would prefer nobody discover it was "only a drill"....mainly because the drill-if that's what it was-had a rather "chilling effect" on the Stock Market !

As the kids say: " Whatever. "

I'm just glad it wasn't the real thing !
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