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Monday, April 04, 2005

A Guide to "Progressive" Posting

If you are politically progressive ,and you " want to make a difference " by posting online, there are certain ground rules worth consideration - (not that you are a person bound by mere rules , and not that there is anything wrong with following the collective wisdom of others !)

First you need a working premise : preferably one that can be alluded to – or otherwise brought up-via published news reports. The premise need not be true , or even demonstrable. It merely needs to be arguable.

Let’s use this premise : The President of the United States has failed in his Constitutional (and/or Moral) duty to ensure the badly-needed reproduction of Beluga Whales.

Good one, right ? To introduce the premise, we need a good lead-off paragraph.

The Nation’s flags are flying at half mast – ostensibly in honor of the late Pope , John Paul 3rd ,whose controversial and iron-fisted rule finally ended in death.

Many believe this intrusion of religious fanaticism into the relationship between Church and State was an attempt by President Bush (Dubya) to impose theocratic rule upon the long-suffering American people.

At this point ,even the most progressive reader may begin to wonder: "When we are going to get to those poor,endangered whales ?"

Okay, it’s time to introduce a link to a bit of verifiable published news. There is something in the Washington Post about the artificial insemination of a Beluga Whale by scientists, so let’s use that…after a fashion.

Even as a deeply divided nation groaned under the burdens of theocratic intrusion ,an unjust war ,shame over the Abu Ghraib torture disclosures , and growing uneasiness with our future, brave scientists at Mystic Sea World struggled to effect the artificial insemination of Kela : a 24 year old Beluga Whale , in an effort to save this species ; which has been ravaged by global warming, and the Administration’s cavalier disregard of the Kyoto Treaty.

The alert reader,pursuing this link,will discover this is an article about the artificial insemination of a Beluga Whale…for the convenience of Sea World,and/or the scientists studying reproduction in Belugas. There is absolutely no reference to global warming, the Kyoto Treaty , etc. – but who cares ??

I see you are beginning to get the idea, so here are a few more tips:

Use plenty of links. Opinion sites are the best.

Use plenty of words : enough to make the reader glassy-eyed. Glassy-eyed readers are more apt to "take your word" for it. ( Little pun there !)

Use the old sales trick of anticipating objections. What is the (rare) critical reader apt to ask, and how do you plan to answer ?

(Make your answers up ahead of time – don’t forget to use lots of words – so you can "cut and paste" quick responses.

Insults can be quite effective here. You can also demonstrate erudition by throwing in an occasional phrase in French.)

If you run into really tough objections , ignore them ,or change the subject . The objector will eventually go away.


A few folks have asked where I get these "notions" about politically progressive people. The best response would be to show you one a fairly typical source.

" It’s not just America that considered him (Pope John Paul II) out of touch. He was opposed to birth control; opposed to the rights of gays; opposed to the rights of women; opposed to the right to have an abortion.

He made a virtue of human suffering rather than working for meaningful ways to prevent human suffering.

Refused the use of condoms, even to prevent disease such as AIDS.

Did little to deal with priests raping children (invited Law over and he never came home; and Law gets to vote on the next Pope).

He did correct some of the past Catholic errors, like exonerating Galileo and apologizing to the Jewish people for his church having not condemned, and maybe even having helped their un-excommunicated communicant Adolph Hitler.

Now his church is having trouble filling pews and finding priests. I’m betting the next Pope changes some of their antiquated “rules.”

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