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Friday, April 22, 2005

Revelations, Part II: The Plot Sickens !

Let me think: The astrophysicist and the nun (now referred to at Harvard as "The nutty professor(NP) and the flying nun"(FN))were relieved when the electrocuted "brain-dead" girl was rescued from the evil doctor at the medical center,and spirited away to a convent.

There,NP and FN met the Mother Superior,who spoke with a barely intelligible British Isles accent,and who did a great deal of clasping her hands prayerfully to her modestly clad-but-obviously ample bosom,and rolling her eyes skyward. (It seemed the brain dead girl (BDG) was not only speaking-she was reciting the Apocalypse.)

The Professor then asked the two nuns why he-an astrophysicist-had been dragged into this whole apocalyptic business.

The Flying Nun and the Mother Superior "explained" in sotto voce asides: speaking so softly and dramatically,and with such pronounced accents, that I asked my wife, "WHAT did they just say ??" (She insists I have old-age hearing loss,by the by.)

She answered sweetly: " Beats me ! They lowered their voices so much,and were speaking with such heavy accents I couldn't figure it out." I nodded sagely-knowing better than to draw attention to HER "hearing loss".(One must never suggest-by thought,word,or deed-one's wife is (Gasp!) capable of error.) But I digress.

Moving along,we deduced the strong possibility that Satanist Nash T. Bassard-imprisoned for murdering the Professor's daughter-might be the Anti-Christ.He was recruiting quite a following among his fellow inmates AND was visited by (Surprise!) one of the Evil Doctors.

We learned the foul minions of Satan were quite keen,actually,on tracking down The Miracle Baby.

We also learned The Miracle Baby was apparently NOT the Gerber Baby;that he had been born to a cloistered and virginal nun,and that he had survived the sinking of a ferry by floating on jetsam (or flotsam) for 17 hours... apparently without a diaper change !

Next thing we knew,the Professor and the Nun were flying off to Greece to search for The Miracle Baby.They were closely followed by 2 young women, who WERE NOT ALL THEY SEEMED TO BE.

(They were twins: brunette Ann Coulter look-alikes;with eyes that glowed in the dark.Hmmmm...)

At the end of the show, the Professor and the Nun were in some burned-out church in Greece,wondering if they had been led astray by EVIL FORCES.

Suddenly (EXACTLY as prophesized in the previews !) a large overhead cross came crashing down on them: dazing the Professor,and motivating the Nun to roll her eyes skyward for the 435th time.

(Fade to: Yet Another Car Commercial.)

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