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Saturday, April 30, 2005

During my 71 years on this earth,I've seen the "unthinkable" become almost commonplace: wars ,bombings of civilian populations,famines,and genocide: lots and lots of genocide .

In Angola,a growing body of evidence suggests the recent lethal outbreak of Marburg (an Ebola - like disease) may have been triggered - deliberately and cold-bloodedly- by injecting children with vaccine,contaminated by this killer virus.

I had recently exchanged correspondence with a noted virologist;suggesting the disease might have been brought home to the infected children by diamond miners,who had been exposed to meat or excrement from infected monkeys,but my correspondent pointed something out:

Most of the 95 persons first infected were children under the age of 5; and most of this group were under the age of 1.

None of the mothers of these children was infected before the children got sick.

This suggests,very strongly,
All of those infected had been infected as a result of immunization shots of some sort.

This was why my correspondent thought contaminated needles might have been in use,but the question remains: Where did the contamination come from ?

The last Marburg eruption in this area was at least 3 years ago,and involved a group of 60 "independent" gold miners,who had been working in a cave...without government sanction.That outbreak was thought odd,and has never really been explained.

Marburg virus can live in blood samples for 3-4 weeks,but there is no literature to suggest it can survive 3-4 years - unless deliberately cultured,and kept as a living specimen.

Why would anyone deliberately inject lethal virus into children ?
Let's look at the Angola political situation again.

In the extreme north is a province called Cabinda. Cabinda is separated from the rest of Angola by the Congo (DPRC) in much the same way Alaska is separated from the United States by Canada. Call it an "accident of colonization" if you will.

Cabinda-separated or not-is endowed with huge deposits of "sweet" low-sulphur oil that is being sold to several countries by large petro-consortiums.(Texaco is one.)

Angola has mismanaged its other mineral wealth (diamonds,gold,iron,copper,bauxite,phosphates,feldspar,and uranium) and desperately needs to hang on to Cabinda.

Enter the Rebels: Two organizations, FLEC and FAC, both of which support independence for Cabinda,have recently joined forces,and have been conducting guerilla operations inside Angola-especially near Uige Province,where diamonds are available,the population is dirt-poor,and dislike of the "strong" (Stalinist might be a better term) Angolan government is high.

Coincidentally,this same Uige Province is where the Marburg outbreak began.

Infecting the children of this rebellious population would cause enormous fear:motivating many of the tribes to flee the area.It would also have the cold-blooded advantage of infecting upwards; ie: when children are sick,they require adult care,and Marburg - like Ebola - is notorious for infecting family members and other care-givers.

If this is what has happened here,we are looking at genocide - once again . 

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