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Saturday, April 09, 2005
Some Thoughts About the "Leaky Border" Problem

Some have proposed the addition of thousands of new Border Agents,and the deployment of Global Hawk surveillance planes to combat the increasingly burdensome tide of "undocumented residents" (illegal aliens) flowing across our borders-especially our border with Mexico.

I would think it would be cheaper in the long run to construct adequate detention facilities near the border(s),so that those captured by the Border Patrol could be held for a few days (or weeks) until they could be "re-patriated".

I would also add more Hearing Officers,and have them set up shop right inside the detention facility.

My home county did this (they called it "have gavel,will travel")and it was an enormous success: There was no need to assign deputies and vehicles to transport detainees to court (unless the detainee was actually going to trial).

Lawyers actually had greatly improved access to their clients. Case backlogs were cut to a fraction of what they had once been.Security,it goes without saying,was terrific !

The present system,in which the detainee is given an appearance ticket and released,seems much of the reason for the immigration problem: 85% of those so released never come back for their hearings !

Deal with the immigrant "forthwith": have him/her loaded on a bus for Mexico before the expectant can give birth,and before the border crosser can vanish into the American heartland.

It would cost a lot less than thousands of new Border Agents ,and /or fleets of Global Hawks,and would probably be a lot more effective.

The real question here might be willingness. I've heard from the Left,the Right,and the Mainstream "Corporate America" is very much in favor of the status quo,and regards a never-ending flow of docile,hard-working,and disposable workers as a gift from Heaven: a gift financed by the taxpayers.

Since both major political parties are inclined to give Corporate America what it wants - in return for carefully laundered bribes (disguised as campaign contributions)- it seems unlikely any reform will occur.

Okay,class, repeat after me: "Buenos Dias,amigo." or,for our northern classmates : "Bon jour,mon ami."

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