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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Freedom is not a "default" setting,or bundled software we are born with.

It is not something one can download from the Net.

In every generation,Americans have stepped forward to lay their lives on the line: sometimes for their own nation;sometimes for people in other nations-and there have usually been some to voice bitter opposition to the good deeds of others.

There have always been those who feel freedom is best achieved by hunkering down: by pulling our heads into a shell,so we cannot see or hear injustice;by pulling in our legs,so we will not be tempted to go to someone's aid.

There was,perhaps,a time when such a course was possible: the time before airplanes,intercontinental missiles,and nuclear weapons.

There are others who feel we can best achieve freedom by surrendering ours to an international organization: one that has proven-time and time again-it favors governments organized along Stalinist lines;an organization that has demonstrated repeatedly it is willing to "overlook" genocide-if the price is right.

Finally,there are those who have set aside Communism and its attendant revolutions in favor of "incremental progressive change".

Revolutions are so...unpredictable. Quite often,those who seize power are apt to turn on those who helped them do so.

Modern Progressives remember well the lessons of Russia,China, and Cuba,where the "intelligentsia" were the first to meet the revolution's firing squads.

As you listen to them attack and smear whichever administration is in power -( This year, it's the Republicans;but a glance at their published archives will show they hate Democrats with equal fervor !)-keep in mind the sort of future they plan for all of us.

Think : Bureaucrats' Paradise: a world awash in regulations-and regulators; a world in which everything is gray.

Imagine a world that looks an awful lot like the typical Motor Vehicle agency,or clinic waiting room.

Progressives dream of a world in which all are equal-but they are a bit more equal than others; an anthill, in which all labor for the greater glory of the State...and its Progressive Leaders.

A world,in short,run by and for Progressives.

Freedom is not a default setting . Be wary of those who would delete it from our lives !

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