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Friday, June 17, 2005

Greg Palast, Michael Moore,Progressive Politics and Genocide

Perfect Together !!

A story by Ruth Gidley appeared on Reuters Alert Net pages on 06/15/05 :
"Oil Discovery Adds New Twist to Darfur Tragedy"

The author was apparently surprised to discover there was oil in Darfur,and to learn that its presence - on the killing fields - might be a motive for the killing.

She was compelled to admit the United States has no interest in the oil,and, after,a bit of dancing around,admitted China might be one of the interested parties.

Gee ! A Blogger named Cherenkoff posted that information in August,2004,along with a lot of other data the "Progressive Community" doesn't want to discuss.

In September,2004,US Secretary of State Colin Powell-after a long, thorough investigation,went before the United Nations and branded the killings in Darfur genocide.

( At this point,approximately 80,000 people had been starved to death,or murdered outright,and 1.5 million were homeless. The so-called "Janjaweed Militias"-controlled by the Islamist government of Sudan,had raped,beaten,looted,and burned out the refugees.)

The UN : apparently cowed by the fact this genocide was being carried out on the behalf of China - the largest consumer of Darfur oil ,and the fact the Sudanese government was buying huge quantities of Russian-made armaments with oil revenues,responded sniffily. "If we call this genocide,our inquiry won't be impartial."

There were other responses - and here's where things get even more interesting.

On 9/20/2004,Chris Talbot of the World Socialist Network branded Powell a liar and conniver,and said the US was only trying to get control of Darfur's oil.

He was echoed by the ever-hateful al-Jazeerah.

On 9/21/04, Salih Booker of Common Dreams blamed "US inaction".

On the same date,David Whitehouse of Counterpunch ,charged "Washington stood by while genocide took place."

The "Leader of the Pack" - Greg Palast - was silent on the subject of Darfur Genocide, as was his "good buddy" : the ever-truthful , ever-modest,ever-caring Michael Moore.

There was a lot of after-the-fact activity by the Progressives.....long after the fact !

5 months after Colin Powell's impassioned plea to the United Nations ,at least one Progressive site began exhorting its readers to write Washington and force the Administration to bring this matter before ...the United Nations.

Oh. By the way: the United Nations has taken some action. It is trying to persuade the "rebels" (meaning those opposed to genocide) to disarm...

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