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Monday, June 13, 2005

Eminence Grise or Eminently Greasy ?

In the brave new world of Leftist journalism ,there is one "lead dog" : Greg Palast.

How can one best describe "Greg’s World "?

Picture, if you will, a pack of pariah dogs , trotting nose to tail
through life. The lead dog pauses, squats and strains . The dogs behind him stop, sniff appreciatively , and add their malodorous offerings ,one after another .

All scratch their paws to spread their offal on the Internet , utter self-satisfied whines , and trot on.

Out there – somewhere – there is Truth : just waiting for the Pack to tear it apart.

Let’s take a good look at Greg Palast : the "Leader of the Pack".

The best way to evaluate Palast is to compare what he writes to the known truth. There are many examples which could be explored, but his "investigative reporting" on Venezuela provides ample documentation of his regard for that precious commodity.

In 2002, the people of Venezuela – fed up with widespread poverty ,and a "socialist" oligarchy , led by Fidel Castro’s good friend Hugo Chavez , took to the streets in a series of massive protests – despite heavy gunfire from Chavez loyalists, that killed 11, and wounded many more. A full history may be found here.

Greg Palast, of course , has his own version of the same events :
based, apparently on his affection for Hugo Chavez and hard-core Socialism .

According to Palast , the people so loved Chavez , they saved him from the (CIA-agitated) malcontents. These malcontents opened fire on Chavez loyalists ,who were "the first to fall".

Nowhere in Palast’s story do we hear that the people who took to the streets in protest of Chavez were unarmed. Nowhere do we hear that the rooftop snipers who fired on the people were Chavez loyalists.

Ah,yes !, says Greg. The people love this man ! Guess so. They loved him so much they would have torn him apart with their bare hands if the Army had not rescued this "fearless leader",and spirited him away to a safehouse.

Palast has extolled Hugo Chavez as a leader in the mold of John F. Kennedy , and has praised the way he devotes oil revenues to the benefit of "The People".

Which people ? Why, the ones who need jet fighters from Brazil, attack helicopters from Russia, and 100,000 AK-47 rifles for an army only about half that size.

One of Palast’s greatest "triumphs" was Fahrenheit 911 :
Michael Moore gets the "credit" , but Palast tells us Moore relied almost entirely on his "research"

Is Greg Palast a Marxist ? He really never says so – although he seems to adore Marxists and oligarchal Socialists. This letter is (so far) the only clue.

Just hazarding a wild guess, I’d say Palast is a "fervent Socialist" : the kind who believes no dissidents should face firing squads until after fixed elections have been held.

I doubt the folks who dote on Greg Palast’s every word care much,one whether their "lead dog" is a Marxist or "just a Socialist".

He is their Eminence Grise – their Gray Eminence ,who can do no wrong.

Judging by his Venezuelan "reporting" , the "Eminently Greasy" description works better for me !

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