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Saturday, June 25, 2005
(Be careful what you wish for !)

There is no denying NY Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has the intelligence,presence, determination,and political connections to be a viable candidate for President in 2008.

Picture,if you will,this scenario.

The Democratic Party responds favorably to the idea of a woman in the Oval Office,and,out of the blue,the one woman who could compete with Hillary Clinton,Condaleeza Rice,announces she would be delighted to serve as Senator Clinton's running mate.

The announcement takes the world by storm. Sisterhood is Powerful !

Even Left-wing commentators like Greg Palast and Michael Moore fall silent. Who cares about "Carlyle Group" connections ? A little oil money is good for the Party !

The United States is still entangled in Iraq and Afghanistan.The situation in these two countries is not something apt to just fade away with elections,constitutions,or the opening of Walmart Discount Centers next door to every mosque.

Senator Clinton promises immediate withdrawal of US forces.

It is a promise that will bring the sometimes-skittish extreme left wing of the party back into the fold;that captures undivided,fawning Mainstream Media attention;that assures her-for the most part- of the Woman's Vote.

America,the Clinton-Rice Campaign says, needs a woman's touch.

Hillary's landslide election also sweeps a Democratic Party majority into office ,and there are few obstacles in her path.

On Inauguration Day,the troops will come home: for rest,relaxation,and re-fitting. There are celebratory parades across the Nation.

The new President thanks them for their sacrifices,and berates her predecessor for having demanded too much from them." Never again !",she says ."We cannot impose such burdens on our Reserve and Guard units in the future ! "

"Unfortunately,the world is still a very uncertain place,and we must maintain certain levels of troop strength."

President Clinton calls on Congress to enact a Universal Military Training Act-so that all men and women between certain ages may receive basic instruction in military skills:training that may well help them to achieve greater success later in life. The UMT bill quickly becomes law.

Some shirkers object to the idea,and come up with various schemes to obstruct this valuable learning process.

This could cause problems,but the President recalls there were certain powers given the government in the original Patriot Act:powers she originally objected to,and helped abolish ,but now finds necessary to implement -as a temporary measure,of course.

There are neo-cons and other assorted soreheads who demand to know why a draft is being forced upon the American people. (Yes:these churls actually refer to UMT as a "draft" !)

A grim,determined President Clinton then addresses the nation,alerting all to the new threat.

World-Wide Gender Apartheid !

We learn women are being beaten,humiliated,stripped of their dignity,and barred from participation in politics in : Burkina-Fasso,
Algeria,Iran,Pakistan,Saudi Arabia,Somalia,Yemen,and a host of other places.

We learn it is the duty of the United States and/or The United Nations to set things right; to bring peace,justice,and equality to these suffering women.

We learn the UN has been petitioned repeatedly on this subject-at least twice by the President herself-and has done nothing but make meaningless protests.

We learn,because of shameful UN inaction, it is incumbent upon us to act NOW !

About now, you may be wondering: " Where do you come up with this crap ? "

The short answer is I spent a lot of time on the internet, searching things like Hillary Clinton/feminism/gender apartheid/gender issues...
and I suggest you do likewise.

Just to get you started,here is Hillary's November 2001 article in Time Magazine.,8599,185643,00.html

You'll note she was keenly interested in the destruction of the Taliban because of their mistreatment of women-and that Osama bin Laden and 9/11 were almost afterthoughts.

Hillary for President ?

Be careful what you wish for !

Footnote: Picture this scene. 50 years have passed since The Great Liberation began.Women have finally achieved Gender Equality all across the world.

It should be a time for the celebration of Everlasting Peace...but there are still issues.

The President-for-Life of Argentina wakes from her afternoon nap,removes the cucumber slices from her eyes,and gazes out the window.Something catches her eye !

Donning her robe,she pads over to the balcony window,and pulls aside the window discover the (color coordinated) ships of the North American Navy massed in the harbor !!

Picking up her cellphone,she speed-dials the North American Ambassador.

"Madame Ambassador: Why are your warships in our harbor ?"

There is a moment of cool silence;then the Ambassador says crisply:"I should think that would be rather obvious."

" But..but...Why ?"

" You know perfectly well what you did ! "

(There's never a patriarchal male oppressor around when you need one !)

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