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Friday, June 24, 2005

Progressives ARE Different !

Soon after I retired, I began selling guitar strings at a large metropolitan area "flea market".

I met a stunning variety of people , from all parts of the world :Indians from the mountains of Peru,turban wearing Sikhs,Russian sailors on shore leave,and Orientals of almost every imaginable origin; but most of the people who came to the market were pretty much like me : typical middle class Americans,sharing a common culture.

There were also Progressives.

Progressives ARE different, and were often immediately identifiable.

The "Che Guevarra" tee shirts were one tipoff,as were the "Free Mumia" and "No Blood for Oil" buttons.

A "Black Power" tee shirt,with its red and black clenched fist motif was something of a giveaway-especially when worn by a middle-aged White male,sporting a greasy ponytail.

( For some reason ,many wore combat boots and "Desert Storm" - pattern camoflaugued dungarees : odd garb for anti-war activists !)

The Progressives I met tended to identify themselves as Folk Musicians,or Folk Artists. They would describe their custom-made $ 8500 guitars,examine my string stock in minute,critical,and throughly condescending detail...and try to steal something !

It seemed almost a point of honor with them - if you can call theft from a small merchant honorable.

They didn't seem to care what they stole,as long as they managed to steal something-and I learned to put out "bait" : crap I was planning to throw away.I would leave it temptingly in reach,and watch in amusement as these self-important "noble citizens" went for it.

Yes,I know. One should never encourage this sort of thing;but in the course of a long life,I became well acquainted with Retail Security,and learned-early on-it is much more trouble than it is worth to accost this type of thief.

There is loud shouting,outraged complaints of persecution,and the filing of highly-publicized lawsuits.

In the end, an item worth pennies can wind up costing the victim thousands of dollars !

What you can do is stop them in their tracks,and refuse them access to your stock, when they come back for "seconds" they will almost certainly will.

Progressives,you see ARE different.

They are often well-to-do,but but like to brag of their "solidarity" with "the little people".

Many feel,because of all the" noble " things they do for us little people,they are entitled to steal from us.

They invariably react with shouting and claims of persecution when challenged.

They will always come back for seconds after robbing you !

ps: Yesterday's Supreme Court ruling on Eminent Domain was a chilling -and saddening reminder. Did anyone notice the alarmed dissent came from the much-maligned Centrists on the Court ?

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