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Monday, June 20, 2005

On June 22,1897 - 108 years ago - the great Rudyard Kipling wrote:

" The tumult and the shouting dies-
The captains and the kings depart-"

My mind flashes back to the very recent television news coverage of the Michael Jackson trial.

The verdict is in : " Not Guilty !"

The watching crowds outside the courthouse scowl with disappointment - or exchange "high fives" and shouts of joy.

Behold ! The King of Pop - now acquitted - rushes from the courthouse, surrounded by his entourage !

He waves, and enters a black SUV ,which drives away ...followed by a news helicopter.

For several minutes,viewers are treated to the sight of his vehicle - hurtling down the highway toward the famous (or infamous) Neverland Ranch.

What a sight ! What a sight ! What...

What ? What's that you say ??

I said : " Why are we watching video coverage - by helicopter yet - of an SUV leaving the scene of a trial ? Is this some sort of car commercial ?"

There was no answer,so I tried again.

"What happened to real news coverage ?

Over 80,000 people have been murdered in Darfur ,so that an Islamist regime can sell the oil beneath their land to China.

They are doing this with Russian helicopters,and weapons issued to brutal Janjawid mercenaries.

Over a million people have been driven from their homes...and it's still going on ! "

There was still no answer. The networks were busy sorting out plans to interview the jurors,and were filling time with spectator and person-in-the-street "reaction shots"

"Okay : How about Angola ? Surely you must be aware a deadly Marburg epidemic has been raging in Uige Province; that is has infected at least 423 people;that it has killed almost every victim so far ?"

"Did you know that might be another "Blood for Oil" scenario ?

That the infection may have started when someone from the Communist Central Government administered "vaccinations" to a group of very young children in Uige ?

That the Marburg virus infecting these children is believed to have been a recombinant form; that the doctors used by the Central Government come from a country -Cuba- that is world-famous for recombinant biotechnology; that these biotech wizards recently signed a cooperation agreement with oil-hungry China ?"

"Why aren't you folks reporting some of these things,instead of wasting our time on an aging,prancing ,self-indulgent muscial has-been ?"

At this point I get an answer - of sorts.

"Heads up, gang ! Time to drop the Michael Jackson coverage. There's a pretty white girl missing down in Aruba,and we need 24/7 coverage !"

Sometimes, I wish my life could be longer,so that I could get my message out to more people; but most of the time it's a relief to know I'm a short-timer.

" Lord God of Hosts,be with us yet,
Let we forget,lest we forget ! "

A day-to-day account of the war on terror,geopolitics,local politics,and any other damn thing that comes to mind.

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