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Friday, July 01, 2005

Firecrackers are popping !
Hot dogs ,hamburgers,and chicken are sizzling .
Merchants are offering unbelievable deals on just about anything.
Patriotic bunting has been hung,and marching bands are tuning up.
It's going to be a great Independence Day weekend !

Politicians-you'd-never-buy-a-used-car-from will be making their usual speeches.

Oh well.

Representative Maxine Waters,(D),Los Angeles,who has taken a record 52 lobbyist-paid trips,worth over $132,000,to such destinations as Cuba,Puerto Rico,and Montego Bay,made a speech denouncing the President of the United States as a liar,and the Vice President as "a thief"-according to reports in People's Weekly World Newspaper-a Communist publication.

It is not surprising to find her featured in the Communist media ,as she is a long-term admirer of Fidel Castro:despite the fact he is a brutal dictator,whose regime exploits and abuses Black people routinely.

On September 29,1998 ,she wrote him concerning a "brave revolutionary"-Assata Shakur-better known in New Jersey as Joanne Chesimard: a convicted cop killer,who broke out of prison and fled to Cuba. El Barbudo - The Bearded One ,gave her political asylum, and Rep. Waters approved heartily.

Representative Waters says she believes in political asylum,but wanted no part of it for Elian Gonzales:a young boy who accompanied his mother when she fled Cuba in a desperate bid for freedom.

Only Elian survived the attempt,and loving family members in Florida opened their homes and hearts to him.

That was a no-no to the American Left,and, after lengthy court battles,"Reno's Raiders"-in full SWAT team regalia-seized the child and hustled him onto a plane for Cuba...where he remains to this day.

I wonder, as the signers of the Declaration of Independence screwed up their courage and signed their names to a document that could get them hanged as traitors-did they-in their worst nightmares-ever imagine someone like Representative Maxine Waters would be a part of American government ?

I suspect,if they had forseen such an event, we'd all be singing :God Bless the Queen". 
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