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Monday, July 04, 2005

July 4,2005

My wife beat me to the paper this morning, so she gets dibs on the good part: the Comics.

Me ? I'm stuck with the Editorial section;so I leaf over to Reader Opinions-(formerly known as Letters to the Editor).

Hey ! Happy Independence Day !

Our "Opining Readers" seem to have demonstrated their talent and dedication to independent thinking by submitting "cut-and-paste" letters

(For anyone unfamiliar with this,certain organizations supply Reader Opinion letters,which they invite you to copy-with a few clicks of the mouse-and e-mail to your local paper.)

Let's see: there's one from true,clear voice of Multi-billionaire George Soros...and here's one fromA.N.S.W.E.R. .-the true,clear voice of Trotsky-style Communism in America (ever so much more fashionable than Stalinism,don't you think ?).

This one seems to have originated at group of "anarchists-in-bowties",that claims to be Libertarian-and here's one from "The Mickey Moore Club" (need I elaborate ?)

Finally,there's one from a woman,who does not seem to be affiliated with any specific group.(She doesn't need to be affiliated,because she is one very nasty piece of work,all by herself !)

She's ticked off because the Armed Forces are getting our attention this holiday weekend. Why,she wonders,should we care whether they get killed or wounded ? They are armed, aren't they ?

We should,she says,be paying attention to Gender Issues,Potty Parity,the high prices charged at beauty salons;tuition hikes at suitable private schools,and Social Problems-such as the cost of refuelling a luxury model SUV.


Come on, dear ! Are you reading those comics or memorizing them ?? 
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