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Wednesday, July 06, 2005
  THE MORNING PAPER – July 6,2005

Global Warming is very much in the news and on my mind today.

It appears to me – having read the opinions of several conscientious scientists who are demonstrably NOT in the pay of Big Oil or Evil Neo-Con Think Tanks,
the Global Warming bunch have elevated unprovable hypothesis to the level of
“scientific dogma”,and are teaching it as such in our schools.

Ask any child or young adult,and they will tell you : “Global warming is a proven fact.”

What they mean by this is that the developed Western nations-notably the United States-are consuming so much fuel that we have turned the world into a big greenhouse,where trapped combustion fumes hold the sun’s heat in:causing temperatures to rise.

A decade ago,some of these same climatologists were predicting these same trapped fumes would block the sunlight and trigger a new ice age. This was also taught as “a proven fact” in our classrooms-way back when !

What is of more interest-to me,anyway-is the way the Left Wing Extremists in our society (they prefer to be called Progressives) have latched on to Global Warming as yet another mechanism for political warfare.

More and more,one can see long-winded political diatribes being interwoven with strands of pseudo-science by the Extreme Left ; and more and more it becomes clear they are fashioning a “snare and delusion”- which, if not confronted,may well leave us hogtied and helpless down the road.

Why would any rational group have such a goal ?

I’m inclined to doubt they have any deep,dark,secret conspiracies going on. They seem far too disorganized for that.

What I suspect is that they are like strings on a guitar: strike a note on any one,and the rest will buzz sympathetically…without wondering why. (Saying this infuriates them,but I’ve seen it happen so often, it’s no longer remarkable ! )

Ah, but whose hand is on those guitar strings ?

My guess would be a nation that is notorious as the world’s worst polluter; a nation that would very much like the world to look elsewhere;a nation that is engaged in intense competition for the world’s resources and markets; a nation whose form of government still “resonates” to some degree with the Extreme Left : The “Democratic People’s Republic” of China. 
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